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Top 5 Beauty Products Under $20

For a girl who doesn't tend to wear make-up ( I really lack the oomph to put it on),here are a few beauty products that I love to have on hand to keep my face as acne & oil free and my overall body naturally healthy. & better yet they don't break the bank.

*** PS - All BLACK Owned

For someone who has never had a beauty regime and does not wear make up, I decided it was time to become more disciplined when it comes to my everyday routine; besides my regular: wake -up, brush teeth, take a shower, wash face, brush hair or oil hair (depending on hair style). So here are a few products that I have tried that I LOVE, and have started to use on a daily basis.

“I'm trying to put all natural and organic products into my soul, body, mind and head. I have been adding in vegan foods and vegan products in my daily life & the outcome is a clearer and cleaner all around spirit.”

1. Nubian Heritage - Face, Body & Hair

This company uses ALL natural and organic ingredients. The products I use and have come to love are for body care is all of the Mango butter infused collection ( because MANGO), the Coconut & Papaya collection deodorant, hand soap and bath bombs and all of the Raw Shea Butter collection; For face I use all of their face products especially the toner; & For hair care I am excited to test out there new ALL VEGAN Indian HEMP collection ( stay tuned for an updated post on that interaction).

& if you want purchase some of these great products here is the link:

2. Black Girl Sunscreen - Face

So I have never in my life just put on sunscreen, unless I'm at the beach or maybe if I go to the pool. I usually just put lotion on and I'm good to go, but we are trying to evolve her into a grown women with beneficial habits that will keep me looking good just like my grandmother and mom, both who use - sunscreen. This company uses NO to harmful chemicals, which I love because in a time where I am trying to put on healthy, organic and natural products in and on my body. This product is powerful and affordable!

& if you want purchase some of these great products here is the link:

3. Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross - Hair Care

I am on a hair journey, I don't really like to where my natural hair because it's so short, and has so many straggly pieces and color damage because I love to color my hair. I do try to take care of my hair with treatments and rice water and co-washing my hair. I have tried the on- the- go kit which is only $24 dollars and it feels great on my hair. The full body products are more but if you just want to try and see why I love this product try it out.

& if you want purchase some of these great products here is the link:

4. Eden Body Works - Hair & Body

I love anything with peppermint in my hair and there product is the BEST. I love it when it tingles on my head and I feel it working. Her products are affordable and they smell amazing. Some products leave my skin feeling weighed down, with Eden Body works body wash I feel clean and refreshed.

& if you want purchase some of these great products here is the link:

5. Salt Spray Soap Co. - Face & Body

This company really has been the holy grail for my face. I NEVER used to exfoliate EVER, but this compnay has been a blessing. There motto is to stop wasting your time. Stop using producst that are not helping or healing your body or skin. This company is afforadable and the smells are amazing! One thing I love about a company is if the ingredients are good for you and smell is amazing, which they are! It's a win win! Trust me! You will thank me later.

& if you want purchase some of these great products here is the link:


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