Love Your Hair! You Know I Do! Check This Out!

Whew! So where back and we are here to tell you about this amazing company that can save lives. Okay, maybe not lives but definitely your hair!

CurlMix products was brought to our attention by one of our followers, and it has changed the way I clean and do my hair in between styles. If you don't believe me check it out for yourself. It has amazing smells and great recipes that enhance your hair and the texture. Talk about curl. grow. glow. This company also has a "fresh" subscription box that delivers up to three new products, that are one-time exclusive creations that will make your hair feel like the diva it is. Get this, if you don't know your hair texture or are not quite sure they have this two to three minute quiz that can you help you discover it. Guess what mine is ... #3Chairchick

Apart of this blog is to inform and show you how these things work. So stay tuned for the video review. We will be reviewing one of their 4 step wash and go kits that comes with four 8 oz bottles. It includes all you need for the perfect wash and go! Stay tuned for the video review.

As always stay blessed. 🌻


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