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Why an Awkward Sunflower? It's Simple!


Producer, Digitial Content Creator and Owner of Simply Awkward Sunflower LLC 

Hey Y'all!

A University of West Georgia graduate, full-time sister, daughter & #go-getter. Insomniac & lover of all that life has thrown at her. I am "creative", "energetic" & "responsible", so why not put it to good use. I have always been involved in groups, extracurricular activities, & helping with the family business - all while excelling in school.

Here at SAS, I am passionate about many things, but my biggest goal is to share my experiences, thoughts, and creativity through videos and blogs. I am my best self when I am being creative in my simplicity and doing something to help others. While some may view me as an introvert, which I am when in my element and around those that have the same peace as I, I am quite comfortable in my extrovert ways. 


I am an awkward, twenty-something, sunflower coated, simple millennial. Just trying to figure out this world and become the queen that I am in a world that is against me. I am a woman on a journey who will hopefully help show you that you too can - Embrace your Simplicity, Awkwardness, and Sunshine. 

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Desiree' D.

12 Random Facts About Me:

  • Zodiac Sign: #Saggatarius

  • Born in Augusta, raised in Decatur (Zone 6) 

  • The only girl of three

  • My favorite pastime is reading a juicy book or cooking

  • Favorite planets: Jupiter & Pluto (yep)

  • I love anything MANGO

  • Tacos are a food group in my mind 

  • My cars name is Greyson

  • I am anemic

  • I suck at managing money - but I'll get better

  • I'm named after BOTH grandmothers

  • My facial expressions need deliverance